Athena Dean Holtz Last Letter

  • Not one-single-factual, evidential piece of testimony was presented in King County Courts of Washington State by Lisa Johnson and the Team of Prosecutor Mark Larson with Judge Lori K. Smith. There was nothing to re-butt from the prosecution of a factual nature because King County Prosecutors didn’t present any hard evidence. Zero. (I video recorded 99% of the lynching and have an official transcript of the trial.) Again, zero evidence.
  • King County Prosecutors block every call for an investigation into these facts of evidence.

Last Letter of Athena Dean Holtz, October 2011, before beginning a hate crime.


King County Prosecutors blocked investigations for evidence, enhanced Athena Dean Holtz and gang hate crime activities and invited lies to come forward and testify. Since the hate crime had been marketed long before the events at the King County Prosecutor’s Office there was rich resource of lies to draw from – and drink dip from the well of slander they did. There is nothing more contentious these days than religion and politics. It was from this hostile foundation that the hate crime was laid and the King County Courts began their failure to protect the truth.

Lies so exaggerated as, when compared to facts of evidence as to make this prosecution absurd in the extreme. Individuals were invited and instructed to prosecute for their beliefs against a church that King County Courts could vilify for selfish gain. Beliefs and concepts they did not understand, nor attempt to even comprehend.

Behaving like brute beasts every injustice, twisting of law and procedure were applied because they did not want to understand and nothing would be gained for themselves by getting at the truth.

Behaving like brute beasts every injustice, twisting of law and procedure were applied because they did not want to understand. Such has been the case against true Christians for generations, But these men blaspheme in matters they do not understand. They are like brute beasts, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught and destroyed, and like beasts they too will perish. (2 Peter 2:12)

This is why a cornerstone of this prosecution was Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s stupid assertion that he, Enumclaw Police, only agreed with 30% of Timothy Williams doctrines, according to Detective McCall’s version of the Bible.

  • Remember The State is Suppose to Prove It

Had the State of Washington simply went to the house, had a 10 year old scream at “the top of her lungs” while they stood where others were sleeping not 20 ft from the screaming room, let alone downstairs in the house, this nonsense of injustice would have come to a screeching halt. All the other facts would have proven the hate crime and there is no way Prosecution Mark Larson was going to let that evidence surface.

However, evidence, facts, and even sound logic had nothing to do with Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall’s work, nor King County Prosecutors fulfilling their “feelings” when it comes to sworn duties.

All knew they would be protected by a legal system the nation all are aware of that serves only itself. Judge Lori K. Smith complying and arranging the lynch-prosecution for the State of Washington.

Let none forget Washington State is home of the worst witch-hunt prosecution in the United States, the Wenatchee child abuse terror prosecutions. For which Prosecutor Rich Anderson mocked, that the Wenatchee child abuse terror prosecutions were like, “Yea, it is a terrible thing.”

As is evidenced in this site King County Prosecutors operate on feelings and news for their prosecutions. Simply put, there is a reason King County Prosecutors were terrified of an investigation concerning the facts for if the facts had been front and center in the courtroom they would be found guilty.

The prosecutor team was, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson working of Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s office in King County Washington.



October 2011 Letter, November 2011 Meeting

Athena Dean Holtz

Kinda staggering really.

King County Prosecutors had zero evidence to pursue a trial yet there is self-confessions, evidences, facts, paperwork galore, lawyers, agencies, fact upon fact …literally evidence screaming out everywhere for the hate crime and yet King County Courts seek to destroy everything but the lies.

Motivation for Athena Dean Holtz’s hate crime – persecution of righteousness.

“If I ever fall away I could handle the guilt during the day. It would be at night that I would not be able to sleep.” – Athena Dean Holtz 1 For they cannot sleep till they do evil; they are robbed of slumber till they make someone fall. (Proverbs 4:16)

Prosecutor Mark Larson
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Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson King County Washington Prosecutors

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Last Letter, Athena Dean Holtz, 2011

“This is my pattern…
I harden my heart
and blame you [Timothy Williams]
for my condition.”

Athena Dean Holtz, Oct. 2011, Letter

Last Letter

Athena Dean mailed a letter to Timothy Williams in the fall of 2011. This letter represented Ms. Dean’s final attempt to repent before she allowed all hell to break loose in her life. The full letter can be read here on

Letter of Athena Dean October 2011

As Ms. Dean wrote in this letter, Timothy Williams was the “only” person who “loved” her “enough to stand up to” her “bullying” and “manipulations.” In “answer” to Ms. Dean’s prayers, God placed Timothy Williams in her life and for “12 years,” she benefited from that godly protection.

“You were an answer to my prayers 12 years ago and instead of treating you as such I have treated you as if you were a curse. I have hated you in my heart, the one and only earthly father in my life who has loved me enough to stand up to me.” —Athena Dean, Oct 2011, Letter

What Is the Point?

For 12 years, Timothy Williams structuring for honesty, preached holiness, and spent hours undoing Ms. Dean’s sinful destruction, once Athena Dean Holtz chose to “not obey” God in November, 2011, a wave of destruction and using others unfolded just as she predicted. “For months I have allowed my broken relationship with you and Carla, Malcolm, Jan, Mike and James, and the rest of the body [church] to persist. So what is the point of my prayers? If I will not obey…”

Prosecutor Jason Simmons and Athena Dean (Hotlz)

As soon as Ms. Dean made the decision not to impose any self-discipline in her life, a flood of lies and manipulation ensued that far, surpassed a history of charity trash bag frauds. Law enforcement and those in positions of authority are doubly guilty of not doing their jobs because the proof of Athena Dean’s crimes is out in the open. Evidence of her lies and perverted twisting of daily events into something sinister was thrust upon organizations, media, and individuals. Ms. Dean can openly state that she is destructive because, in her arrogance, she believes the lie that she can con every person in authority.

Prosecutor, “…going to do when your church can’t meet?”

Coordinators of the hate crime: Prosecutor Jason Simmons and Athena Dean Holtz.

“The truth is, I’ve destroyed every close relationship I’ve ever had in my life because I’m a bully, a manipulator, a liar, a user, and completely arrogant. No wonder I’ve always gravitated to business and excelled there, because I never have to get close enough to people for them to see the real me.” —Athena Dean Holtz, Oct 2011, Letter

Jason Simmons and Rich Anderson of the King County Prosecutor, Dan Satterberg’s Office did get “close enough” to see the real Athena Dean and in so doing, they hid her “wife beating” abuse to win a trial.

“I am, truly, no better than a man who calls himself a Christian and is well respected by all, who secretly beats his wife and kids at home behind closed doors.” —Athena Dean Holtz, Oct. 2011, Letter

This woman is a con-artist who uses the pride of those she beats “behind closed doors” to keep them silent and on her track. Very few of Athena Dean’s victims will ever come forward and admit to being conned because such individuals are too ashamed to admit they have been duped.

At one turning point in the Malcolm Fraser trial, Prosecutor Jason Simmons badgered a witness in open court because Ms. Dean inflamed his own hatred of Christianity and aspects of Jesus that all find offensive by nature. Matters really reached fever pitch when Simmons began to look stupid for being taken in by Athena Dean and thus his ha-ranging a witness after the jury had been removed from the court room.

Athena Dean Holtz


Athena Dean Holtz and Detective McCall worked together.

Self-righteous and puffed up, Detective McCall was a willing partner to frame a church he disagreed with and those in City of Enumclaw hardened his lies. Detective McCall, like the City of Enumclaw and the Prosecutors Office, conducted a backward “investigation” in order to “prove” the false accusations so all parties would not have to admit their failure to do their jobs.

Athena Dean wrote in her letter that she “repeatedly” “stabbed” Timothy Williams in the back, so there was nothing new about her enduring—yet intensified—manipulations to “rage against” him. And why not? Prosecutor Jason Simmons harbored a proven liar for selfish advantage and blessed the efforts of Detective McCall, who planted line for line testimony to accuse a person he and Athena Dean had arrested.

“I have stabbed you in the back repeatedly, every time you rebuked me, in my heart I grow more and more bitter and rage against you…” —Athena Dean, Oct. 2011, Letter

Such bitterness and rage are the bad fruits Jesus warned the wise and discerning to watch out for.

The Reason

“Instead of holding onto Jesus’ commands, and obeying them, I played the fool and have been overcome by these sins.”

“I’ve filled myself with bitterness, resentment, and arrogance…” —Athena Dean, Oct 2011, Letter

Timothy Williams, the “one and only” person who demanded honesty and could not be bullied by Athena Dean, had to be vilified because there remained the ever-present danger he would expose her. Plus, rare is the individual who admits the truth and blames him, or herself for their failures. Thus to inflict her false accusations, Ms. Dean speaks of what she knows well…manipulations, dis-honesty, frauds thus can more easily slander someone who is the complete opposite of her evil character.

In addition, Athena Dean thrives, according to her own words, on attention and the abuse she causes others (see Taking people’s money rather than working for a living, fulfilling the lust for power is Athena Dean’s trademark which she openly confesses to if it suits her selfish ends.

Athena Dean Holtz’s charity trash bag fraud—where she played on the sympathy of the naive in order to steal their money—employed the same “Woe is me, everyone has taken advantage of me” tactic she extends to this day.

Athena Dean Holtz bragged of carrying suitcases of money for Scientology

Athena Dean’s boast about signing John Travolta into Scientology grew wearisome to those of us forced to hear her brag about her marketing skills over the years. Ms. Holtz boasted of carrying suitcases of money through airports for Scientology. If there is one thing Athena Dean Holtz knows what to slander on, it is on the topic of fraudulently using money.

Athena Dean Holtz crocodile tears keep flowing. Athena Dean may whine about her Scientology days to her current victims but she will not mention how she bragged in secret about carrying suitcases of cash from her marketing for Scientology through the airport to the head office. Athena Dean’s boast about signing John Travolta into Scientology grew wearisome to those of us forced to hear her brag about her marketing skills over the years. No wonder Athena Dean attacks, and treated as a curse the one person who preached humility.

“I have hated you in my heart, the one and only earthly father in my life who has loved me enough to stand up to me. …I have treated you as if you were a curse.” —Athena Dean, Oct 2011, Letter

$20,000 Theft Child’s Play

Manipulating, lying, and stealing $20,000 from her roommates, Jan, is child’s play to Athena Dean. In her own words, Ms. Dean “totally destroyed” Tim Noreen and knew she could easily manipulate him long before she ever groomed him to testify at the frame-up trial of Malcolm Fraser.



“Where is your church located?” The first words of the police officer who helped Athena to steal over $20,000 worth of possessions.

“The truth is, I’ve destroyed every close relationship I’ve ever had in my life because I’m a bully …I begged God to let me feel the pain I have caused you (and Carla, Malcolm, Jan, Mike and James, the TOC committee, not to mention Tim Noreen whom I completely destroyed.)”
—Athena Dean, Oct 2011, Letter

If there is one thing Athena Dean knows, it is how to influence and channel division and animosity while playing the victim card. Had the authorities done their honest jobs at the start of the hate crime, the evidence for a set up was out in the open. Whether for financial gain or a power advantage, Scientology fund raising or selling charity trash bags to keep kids off drugs, but pocketing the money, Athena Dean knows the ins and outs of picking a pocket while getting others to do her dirty work. As Aaron, Athena Dean Holtz’s son, stated, “Why mom, do you always come back around when it comes to money?”

Athena Dean and Demons

“…I’d have 7 x the demons coming back to fill up the empty space in my heart…”
—Athena Dean, Oct 2011, Letter

Whatever anyone believes about the lies Athena Dean markets, it is a deadly mistake to associate with her. There is a heavy price to pay for listening to what you want to hear from Ms. Dean. And there is an even heavier price if you allow Ms. Dean to use you to channel the baser motives of your heart (Matthew 15:18-19). If Athena Dean willingly ignores her “demons” you can be assured she cares nothing about your life struggles. As Ms. Dear wrote, “I begged God to let me feel the pain I have caused you …[God] is answering that prayer and the pain I have caused you to endure is horrible.”

As “horrible” as it seemed in 2011, Athena Dean Holtz built upon that evil to a degree most people find hard to comprehend. Such is the fate of all who are “overcome by their sins” as Athena Dean Holtz wrote concerning herself.

Ms. Dean’s (Holtz) Prophecy

Evidently, Ms. Dean’s answered prayer was not enough to keep her demons at bay, and now she successfully used Prosecutors Jason Simmons, Rich Anderson and countless others who should know better in Jesus to destroy those who stood against her many frauds.

Athena Dean’s explanation for her loud-mouthed attacks is simple to understand—she has a guilty conscience. Athena Dean wrote, “…if I harden my heart and blame you [Timothy Williams] for my condition, I won’t have to feel the pain of all my rebellion, pride, bitterness, resentment, betrayal, lies and self-love.”

“…if I harden my heart and blame you [Timothy Williams] for my condition, I won’t have to feel the pain of all my rebellion, pride, bitterness, resentment, betrayal, lies and self-love.”

Athena Dean’s favorite cocktail drink, to numb herself from the pain of a defiled conscience, is the cup of “bitterness,” “resentment” and “betrayal”—at least, according to her.

The most correct matter Athena Dean Holtz wrote in her October 2011 letter (only one month before her onslaught of destruction) was when she quoted Jesus:

“When it [an evil spirit] arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that man is worse than the first.” (Luke 11:25-26) —Athena Dean Holtz, Oct 2011, Letter

Athena Dean Holtz’s words have proven to be prophetic.


The many faces of Athena Dean Holtz.

Athena Dean signs her last letter . . .




King County Prosecutor Daniel T. Satterberg, Sound Doctrine Church, Winepress Publishing, Redemption Press, Athena Dean, Enumclaw Police, Malcolm Fraser, Detective Grant McCall, Salt Shaker Bookstore, Prosecutors Rich Anderson, Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Jason Simmons After this letter Athena Dean joined The Summit Church of Enumclaw: Later Athena Dean (Holtz) married for the 4th time to The Summit Church pastor who over the years spread slander and forbid his members from coming into the Salt Shaker Bookstore in Enumclaw Wa. The False Accusers mother, Jessica Gambill and Athena Dean (Holtz) attended The Summit Church when the hate crime began in 2011. *4th marriage, [and anyone who marries the divorced woman commits adultery. Matthew 5:32]



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