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“If you wanted to interview to make suggestions to a complainant this is how you do it.”
Dr. Yuille who helped design King County Systems on how things were to be done.
Enumclaw Detective Sargent Grant McCall’s Set-up Methodology

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The Hate Activity

Ian Goodhew Phone Call / No Investigation


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Wa. State Sanctioned Hate Crime

Last Letter of Athena Dean Holtz

Why Hardtruth

Athena Dean Holtz Charity Fraud

I Athena Dean Holtz Found Them Gullible

Jessica Gambill / Led Uprising Athena Dean Holtz and Ms. Gambill are Related

Athena Dean “Revised & Expanded” – self-confessed fraudster

Fortune Cookie & Athena Dean Holtz

Seattle’s King County Prosecutor Nonsense

Sattersburg Blistered by 5 Federal Judges

Hysterical Prosecutor Simmons / Anderson Rant

“Never” “Examined” “Penis”

Prosecutor Mark Larson “So What!” To Evidence

Lies & Lie Blending by Prosecutor and False Accuser

Jury: Single Defining Moment : Baby Talk

King County Prosecutors Object To Abuse Prevention

City of Enumclaw Detectives

Enumclaw Police King James Bible Badge-Bias

Detective Grant McCall “Worthless”

Judge Rules Misconduct Detective McCall

Enumclaw Police Script Out Accusations

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