Athena Dean Letter To Timothy Williams

Athena Dean Holtz Last Letter To Timothy Williams
October 2011

King County Prosecutor Mark Larson & Team

Athena Dean Holtz

Prosecutor Mark Larson and Team found Athena Dean Holtz to be very, very useful in this Washington State supported hate crime against Christians. Every call and demand for an investigation into the hate crime was blocked and supplanted.


Athena Dean Holtz’s Letter States What Is To Come From Her Crimes

When individuals are cut off from God, turn their backs to the Salvation of Jesus, when self-discipline and loving the good are rejected for the lusts of the flesh they attack those who are faithful in Jesus. Athena Dean Hotlz, and those over the years who sold their souls for sin laid a groundwork of persecution.

At that time the son born in the ordinary way persecuted the son born by the power of the Spirit. It is the same now. (Galatians 4:29)

At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, (Matthew 24:10)

It would be best not to be part of the “many” as Jesus warned.

It is very telling that those who slandered with the lie about family, division and un-love have now born the evil fruit of lies, destruction of family and division.  But wisdom is proved right by all her children. (Luke 7:35)

Constant Lies – Every Changing

Athena Dean Holtz lies are both constant and ever-changing.

Ms. Holtz’s lust for destroying (her words) compels the lies and was a constant battle for Timothy Williams to stop.

In October 2011 Ms. Holtz gave up dealing with her declared sins. Below is Athena Dean Holtz’s last letter of October 2011, before the marketed and inflamed hate crime.

From the 1989 Athena Dean Holtz charity trash bag fraud to learning in 2000 self-discipline, hard work, organization and quality Ms. Holtz honed her skills by stealing the good from Timothy William’s leadership.

At least that is what lawyers stated who examined the facts, evidence, and events rather than relying on feelings.

One example: The Stealing of WinePress

The hate crime began with the absurd lie that Winepress was stolen from Athena Dean Holtz.

In 2011 Athena Dean Holtz needed to cry tears and appear to be the victim for the lynch-mob to be inflamed.

The lie that Winepress was “stolen” without her being aware of the paperwork she signed, etc. etc., achieved the end-goal with the destruction of everything associated with Timothy Williams.

Now, in 2015, when Athena Dean Holtz needed to appear business savvy, to sell book contracts with Redemption Press, the lie had to be undone if Ms. Holtz wasn’t to appear as a business moron. Authors getting ready to sign a book contract usually take the time to ask some questions as the book is considered a very personal matter to the author. Thus, forming a lynch-mob is completely unlike an author getting ready to sign a contract.

Thus Ms. Holtz now had to state, “…it was definitely my [Athena] decision.”

Most of my phone call with Athena centered around the church taking her business. – Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall court testimony – 9/19/2012

On April 1, 2010, I turned the ownership of WinePress Publishing …it was definitely my decision. – blog post 01/31/2015

There is proof of much, not that those hell-bent on evil will care, but so overwhelming is the proof that WinePress was not stolen that it will stagger the authorities who finally step in to do good.

In 2015 the destruction, the hate crime, the flat-out slander and crimes had achieved Detective Grant McCall and Athena Dean Hotlz objective – the vilification of Timothy Williams and destruction of all.

Naturally it was this God speaks through fortune cookie that Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall, Prosecutor Mark Larson and many others found useful to destroy that which they did not personally agree with.


Athena Dean Holtz





2012 and Beyond


Prosecutor Lisa Johnson


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